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Word Intermediate Course:

Create professional letters/reports using more complex features to enhance the layouts such as Tabs and Tables and understanding how to get the most out of Headers & Footers..

Course Outline
Word Intermediate 1 Day

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for those that need to work with long documents, we look at using Heading Styles, creating Table of Contents, Creating and Working with Tables and using Section Breaks.


Delegates should have a good knowledge of Word equivalent to our Introduction outline.

Heading Styles
Working with Long Documents/Reports:
  • Applying Existing Headings to a document
  • Modifying Existing Styles
  • Adding and Deleting Styles
  • Creating Table of Contents Page
Using Tables to control document Layouts:
  • Inserting and Deleting Tables
  • Cut/Copy & Paste
  • Page Setup
  • Thesaurus
Section Breaks
Using Sections to break a document down:
  • Next Page Section Breaks
  • Continuous Section Breaks
  • Tabs and bullets
Headers and Footers
Creating Headers and Footers:
  • Page X of Y
  • Document Information
  • Combining Section Breaks in Headers & Footers
Creating Newspaper Styles Documents:
  • Altering Column Layout
  • Combining Section Breaks with Columns
Drawing Toolbar
Working with Graphics:
  • Altering Column Layout
  • Combining Section Breaks with Columns
  • Inserting, Deleting and Formatting Objects
  • Creating Watermarks

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