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E-Learning with NC Training Services

ELearning (short for Electronic Learning) also known as On-Line Training. This is a way for people to access educational material outside of a traditional classroom. Reasons people choose e-learning over traditional training:

  • Cost
    • creating the software for loading onto the intranet for use as many times as you like by as many staff as you can, this is a much more cost effective method of training.
  • Flexibility
    • ELearning can be accessed via the intranet at any time of day or night, making it perfect for shift workers or for anyone that doesn’t just work typical 9-5 hours.
  • Time Restrictions
    • For those that cannot afford to lose half a day/a full day away from work, with ELearning staff can dip in and out at any-time they wish and their progress will be saved.

ELearning packages can be designed/customise to suit your company requirements we can create packages for you to cover specific tasks/topics in the desired area of your choosing, even using some of your own sample data to make the training more relevant.

Traditionally our ELearning packages are based around Microsoft products: but we can create these on internal software packages that you use, or any other software packages that you require ELearning packages for.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.