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crystal reports logoCrystal Reports:

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application marketed to small businesses. Learn how to design and generate reports from a varied range of data sources.


Course Outline
Introduction to Crystal Reports 2 Days

Who is it for?

Business/Users to create a tool for businesses to create a database reporting environemt.

What you will get out of the course:

Crystal reports Is used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.

  • Accessing your Data
  • Creating a Simple Report - Using the Default Report Wizards
Report Design
  • Design and Preview Tabs
  • Navigation Methods
  • Report Sections
  • Understanding Field Objects
  • Field Explorer
Create Reports
  • Accessing Data
  • Inserting Field & Text Objects
  • Combining Text Objects and Other Fields
Organise Reports
  • Inserting Groups into your Report
  • Grouping Options & Changing Groups
  • Drill Down Reports
Filter, Sort & Summarise
  • Using Record Selection to Filter Reports
  • The Select Expert
  • Applying Record Selection to Single & Multiple Fields
  • Applying Record Selection Based on Date Fields
  • Sorting Records
  • Adding Summary Fields to a Report
Report Formatting
  • Positioning and Sizing of Report Objects
  • Modifying Object Properties for Formatting Purposes
  • Placing Images and Shapes on a report
  • Layering Report Objects
  • Report Page and Margin Properties
Report Sections
  • Formatting Report Sections
  • Modifying Report Section Properties
  • Using the Formula Editor
  • Simple formulae in reports, addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • Adding a percentage to a total
Dynamic Reporting
  • Understanding the Value of Parameters
  • Creating and Implementing Parameter Fields
  • Understanding the Value of Parameters
  • Creating and Implementing Parameter Fields
Exporting Reports
  • Output to Excel Format
  • Output to HTML Format
  • Output to PDF

Graphic & Web, Presentation