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You will use cascading style sheets to design and develop efficient and effective websites.


Course Outline
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2 Days

Who is it for?

Experienced HTML authors or Web designers/developers who want to use CSS to create more powerful, efficient, and standards-compliant Web sites.

Controlling Color and Typography
  • Create an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Apply Color
  • Comment Your Code
  • Modify Text Styles
  • Modify Font Styles
  • Create a Linked Style Sheet
Designing with the Cascade
  • Create Class Styles
  • Create ID Styles
  • Create Contextual Styles
  • Target Styles to Elements with Specific Attributes
  • Create Style Sheets that Cascade
  • Import Style Sheets
  • Create Inline Styles
Designing Content Sections
  • Control Margins and Padding
  • Create Borders
  • Control Element Dimensions
  • Create Floating Elements
  • Control Content Overflow
Controlling Layout with Positioning
  • Control Layout with Absolute Positioning
  • Create a Fixed Multi-Column Layout
  • Create a Fluid Multi-Column Layout
  • Control Layout with Relative Positioning
  • Control the Display of Layered Elements
  • Apply Fixed Positioning
Enhancing an Existing Design
  • Customize Cursors
  • Customize Link Styles
  • Customize Forms
  • Work with Background Images
  • Customize Lists
  • Create Generated Content

Graphic & Web, Presentation, html, css