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Articulate Storyline Advanced 1 Day Course

One day coruse on advanced 'Articulate'

Course Outline
Articulate Storyline 1 Day

Who is it for?

Designers wanting to create E-learning content e.g. HR department, training and demonstrations of software.

Creating a Custom Environment
  • Customising the player colours
  • Creating custom navigation
  • Using themes and masters
  • Saving and re-using templates
  • Using slide masters
Advanced Quizzing
  • Importing questions from Excel
  • Question banks
  • Combining multiple quizzes
  • Creating course menus
  • Creating non-linear course structures
  • Lightbox slides
Motion Paths
  • Absolute and relative motion paths
  • Branching using quiz results
  • Creating branched scenarios
  • Variable types
  • Finding out information about the student using variables
  • Outputting variables
  • Using numeric variables
  • Conditions and combining conditions
  • True/false variables

Graphic & Web, Articulate Storyline