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SharePointOffice 365 & SharePoint Familiarisation:

This course is designed to provide users of Office 365 an understanding of the cloud. and saving to OneDrive and SharePoint. Using some of the apps such as Forms, OneNote and SharePoint as well as the online Apps for Word, Outlook and Excel.

Course Outline
Office 365 & SharePoint Familiarisation

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for all staff moved to Office 365 and would like to understand how to use some of the new 365 features, understand the cloud and feel comfortable understanding and using SharePoint.


Delegates should have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Applications.


Getting Started with O365
  • What is Office 365 and the cloud
  • O365 overview
  • Working away from the office – inhouse policy
  • Log-in to Office.COM
  • The Office.COM screen
  • Accessing applications
  • Settings
  • Signing out
  • Where to go for help
Introduction to OneDrive

The difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

  • How to access files
  • How to upload files
  • Sharing files
  • Co-authoring
An overview of other useful 365 Apps:
  • Forms
  • Word, Excel & Outlook online Apps
Introduction to Microsoft OneNote
  • What is OneNote
  • The OneNote Environment
  • Create and organise pages
  • Adding Content
  • Finding Content
  • Printing
Basic overview of SharePoint
  • The SharePoint framework of Sites, Apps and Items
  • Site layout familiarisation
  • Finding help
  • Settings, contents and permissions
  • Sharing sites, folders and files
  • Site recycling bin
  • Follow a site
Document Library
  • Understand the document library screen and navigating the menu options
  • How to upload documents
  • Open, edit, save and rename documents online
  • Open a file in the desktop app
  • Accessing files via Explorer
  • Folder views
  • Collaborating in SharePoint
    • Share documents
    • Co-authoring documents
    • Check-in/out document
    • Version history
    • Alert to changes
  • SharePoint Apps
    • What is a SharePoint App?
    • Create a site app - e.g. list, task list, library
  • SharePoint Search
    • Finding files & sites
  • What is Teams
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Team files and chat
  • How to identify and request to become a member of a site