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Microsoft Visio Intermediate/AdvancedVisio Intermediate/Advanced:

This course has been designed for experienced users of Visio who want to gain a greater understanding of how to use its advanced and more specialised tools and features

Course Outline
Microsoft Visio Intermediate/Advanced 1 Day


Experience of Visio is required; attendance of the Visio Introduction course or a good knowledge of the topics. By the end of the course you will be able to: create a Cross Functional Flowchart, hyperlink to pages, use and create guides, place Visio objects into other software packages, create shapes in Visio and add connection points, add custom properties and link shapes to a database, protect a shape and use layers

Creating a Cross Functional Flowchart
  • Add File Properties to a drawing
  • Change the Page Setup of a drawing
  • Add background pages to a drawing
  • Create a custom field for a shape
  • Copy a shape using one method
  • Add guide to a page and glue one object to it
  • Adjust one guide to move a shape
  • Align a group of shapes
  • Add text to lines
  • Link Pages using a shape
  • Add a hyperlink to a page
  • Create a dynamic connectors between shapes
  • Use the page layout wizard to add titles and borders
Sharing your Work
  • Place one Visio chart into Word
  • Resize one pasted object in Word
  • Create one linked object within Word
  • Use the Text box properties in Word to change the look of an object
  • Edit a Visio object from within Word
  • Use drag and drop between Word and Visio to copy an object
  • Convert a drawing to HTML
  • Add a Visio drawing to a PowerPoint presentation
Custom Shape Design
  • Use Shape operations to create new shapes
  • Add connection points to a shape
  • Use the SmartShape wizard to add functionality to a shape
  • Create custom stencils & add a master shape to it
Drawings and Data
  • Use and add Custom properties
  • Use the Custom Properties Editor to add an additional property to one shape
  • Create reports from Custom Properties of shapes
  • Update a report created using custom properties
  • Create text notes on an individual shape
  • Connect a series of shapes to a database using the database wizard
Advanced Custom Shape Design
  • Use the Pencil tool to reshape a drawn object
  • Add and remove vertex points from a shape
  • Protect a shape
  • Assign a double click action to a shape
  • Describe the different layer properties
  • Assign a shape to a layer
  • Create a new layer
  • Set layer properties

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