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Microsoft Visio FundamentalsVisio Fundamentals:

By the end of the course you will be able to: Understand the layout of the drawing window, Identify master shapes and stencils, draw basic objects and change their shape, create basic & process flowcharts, room layouts, use foreground and background pages to produce consistent layouts, create organization charts and hyperlinks between pages and save your drawings for use on an Intranet or Internet, use a Visio add on to view drawing files without the Visio program and create custom stencils and templates

Course Outline
Microsoft Visio Fundamentals 1 Day

Training style

Informal and participative using a combination of trainer input, discussion and practical exercises. This approach ensures the training meets the needs of both the group and individual participants.

Use the Visio Drawing Environment
  • Start a new file
  • Describe the differences between a stencil, template and drawing
  • Find and use other stencils
  • Select & resize shapes placed on the page
  • Zoom in and out
Basic Techniques
  • Describe different drawing tools
  • Move, copy and resize shapes
  • Add text to shapes and format text
  • Add text to lines
  • Size and position shapes on the drawing page
Room Layouts
  • Using floor plan templates and stencils
  • Scaling and dimensioning
  • Connecting and gluing shapes
  • Align shapes and distribute shapes equally
  • Understand guides and how to add them
  • Copy shapes using three different techniques
  • Adjust position & angle of text added to shapes
Flowcharting & Multiple Pages
  • How to use different connector types
  • Connect shapes together using: the Connector tool, the Connect Shapes button, drag and drop
  • Insert new pages and reorder pages
  • Create foreground and background pages
  • Rename pages
Further Skills
Further Skills (if time permits)
  • Creating organisation charts
    • using a template
    • using the wizard and Excel
  • Save a drawing for use on the Internet
  • Use a Visio add on to view files without the Visio program
  • Print out a drawing
  • Create stencils and templates

Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio