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SharePointMicrosoft SharePoint User Introductory Course:

This course is designed to provide a new user to SharePoint technologies with a thorough introduction to how to navigate a site, create new and edit content in Lists, Document or Picture Libraries, create link to relevant information in intranet/internet sites.

Course Outline
Introduction to SharePoint 

In this session, you will learn how SharePoint can help you to share information easily with colleagues. It gives you an overview of what SharePoint is all about, and covers the basic skills needed to start using SharePoint workspaces. You will learn how to create powerful lists and views in SharePoint to make data easily accessible and find out how to customise your SharePoint home page to show the information how you choose

Who is it for?

This course is recommended as a good introduction for people who are new to SharePoint and want to understand what it is used for and to cover the getting started basics. This course covers a great deal to provide a good overview of all of SharePoints capabilities. This course can be covered over 2 days or reduced to 1 day if an overview is required.

  • Overview and tour of the SharePoint service
  • Help and support options
  • Your responsibilities
Team Collaboration Workspaces
  • Sending content to OneNote
  • Create a Team workspace to store and share ideas and content
  • Add content to Lists such as Announcements and Calendar
  • Link to shared documents

Keeping up to date with Collaboration

  • Use RSS feeds to keep up to date with SharePoint 2010 content
  • Set up email alerts for when content changes
Managing Workspaces
  • Manage permissions to a workspace
  • Editing the home page
  • Search for sites and content including the site directory
  • Deleting and restoring content
  • Workspace creation, deletion and restoration
  • Hints and tips
Creating Workspaces

Creating Discussion, Wiki, Meeting and Blog Workspaces

  • Create and use a Discussion workspace
  • Share your ideas, knowledge and experience with a Blog
  • Use a Wiki to share larger documentation, team knowledge and ideas
  • Link an Outlook meeting to a Meeting workspace where you can share the objectives, agenda, documents and attendees
Make the most of SharePoint List Web Parts
  • Alter an existing list i.e. Announcements
  • Customise list settings and rename
  • Manipulate views to suit you and your team’s needs – Sort and Filter
Define your own Custom Lists
  • Create your own lists using personally defined columns
  • Create links to other workspaces or Web sites
  • Look up data from another list
  • Create calculated fields
  • Add fields from existing site columns
  • Import data from an Excel spreadsheet
Design a Selection of Views
  • Change the default list view
  • Create new views
  • Sort, filter and group items
  • Slice and dice data based on your needs
  • Show your new views on your home page
Customise your Home Page
  • Redesign and change the layout
  • Add new ‘Web Parts’ for enhanced functionality
  • Add images and hyperlinks
Manage Navigation
  • Organise the Quick Launch Bar for local navigation
  • Understand and manage the Top Links Bar for global workspace navigation