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project icon 128Project Intermediate:

Learn how to create and use a resource pool, deal with over allocation of resources, create and update baselines, create custom reports, show progress lines etc.

Course Outline
Microsoft Project Intermediate 1 Day

Who is it for?

Project users, Project Leaders and Project Managers that need to set scheduling and resources.


Delegates should have a good knowledge Microsoft Project equivalent to our introduction outline.

  • Default.
  • Project.
  • Resource & Task Calendars.
Scheduling Resources
  • Defining Resources Availability.
  • Resource Contouring.
  • Using the Task and Resource Usage Views.
  • Make Resource Assignments.
  • Scheduling to Resolve Conflicts.
Scheduling with Dates
  • Quick Scheduling.
  • Entering Task Duration.
  • Entering "Date Constraints".
Scheduling with Dependencies
  • Critical Path Analysis Explained.
  • Entering Dependency Links.
  • Critical Path Review.
  • Create Recurring Tasks.
Printing Charts & Reports
  • Using the "Page Set-up" Options.
  • Reports Gallery.
  • Printing Task Notes.
Customising Views
  • Working with GLOBAL.MPT.
  • Designing Tables and Filters.
  • Designing a New View.
  • Formatting and Drawing Toolbars.
  • Gantt Chart Wizard.
Resource Management Concepts
  • Assigning Resources.
  • Resource Scheduling.
Project Costs
  • Monitoring and Reviewing Project Costs.
  • Printing Cost Reports.
  • Entering Varying Cost Rates.
Multiple Projects and Workgroups
  • Pooled Resources.
  • Inserting Project Files.
  • Data Import and Export.
Managing Project Progress
  • Pooled Resources.
  • Concepts of Task Tracking.
  • Saving a Baseline.
  • "What If" Changes.
  • Entering Task Progress.
  • Reviewing progress.
Create a Master Project Plan
  • Insert subprojects into a master project
  • Compare Project Versions