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AccessAccess Intermediate/Advanced

Create relationships between tables, more complex queries, Forms and reports across multiple tables.

Course Outline
Access Intermediate/Advanced 2 Days

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for those with an existing knowledge of Microsoft Access equivalent to the topics covered on our Introduction course wishing to enhance their existing skills. This course is based on building on the relationships and creating front end user friendly forms.


Delegates should have a basic knowledge of the Access Introduction course.

Table Relationships
Types of relationships:
  • Join Types
  • Referential Integrity
Advanced Queries
Query a database:
  • Calculated Queries
  • Action Queries
  • Multi-Table Queries
  • Cross Tab Queries
Report/Form Enhancement
Advanced Forms and Reports:
  • Creating Sub Reports/Forms
  • Calculated Fields
  • Headers and Footers
  • Calculated Fields/Functions
  • Adding Additional Controls
Database Automation
Controlling Databases:
  • Compact and Repair
  • Backup and Restore Databases
  • Protecting Databases
  • Setting Security

Microsoft Access, Software