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PowerPointPowerPoint Advanced:

This course is aimed towards those who have gained knowledge of building basic PowerPoint presentations who would like to explore PowerPoint in more depth exploring building and editing slides of text, graphics, charts and diagrams. It also looks at creating and editing slide designs/themes using masters, and a thorough exploration of slide show features and animations.

Course Outline
PowerPoint Advanced 1 Day


Candidates should have previous use of PowerPoint and be able to open, close and save presentations, add text and pictures and be able to print handouts, notes pages and slides.

Course Content

Working with Text Slides
  • The text spill smart-tag
  • Shortcuts to change order of bullets, change text size/alignment
  • Write text in columns
  • Change line spacing
  • Convert to SmartArt
  • Insert and format pictures, compress pictures, remove background
  • Align and Group objects
  • Use the selection pain to select, reorder and rename objects
  • Align graphics across slides using guides
Videos and Sound
  • Insert video files 
resize, frame, edit playback
  • Add bookmarks to video to trigger animation
  • Create a screen recording
Slide, Text and Object Animation
  • Apply slide transitions
  • Working with the Morph transition
  • Animate text, objects, charts and SmartArt
  • The animation pane
  • Effect options
  • Multiple animations on an object 
 (e.g. entrance, emphasis and exit effects)
  • Animation Painter
Masters and Templates/Themes
  • View and editing slide master
  • Applying and adding font and colour themes
  • Create your own master slide
  • Save the master as a theme
  • Add a custom slide layout
  • Create and preserve multiple masters
Features to Enhance Running a Show
  • Action buttons
  • Custom Shows and Setup Show
  • Presenting a show
  • Record
Other Useful Features
  • Save presentation as a video
Presenting Features
  • ‘Present in Teams’ feature
  • Using cameo to add a live camera feed into a slide
  • Record a show
  • Export presentation as a video
  • Adding subtitles

Microsoft PowerPoint, Software