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Adobe Illustrator CourseAdobe Illustrator Intermediate/Advanced:

This course has been designed to build on existing Illustrator skills to increase productivity when creating and amending artwork.

Course Outline
Illustrator Intermediate/Advanced 1 - 2 Days

Who is it for?

Anyone wishing to progress their knowledge of Illustrator using more advanced features exploring more advanced functionality increasing productivity.


This courses is designed for people who are comfortable with the contents of our Illustrator Introduction course outline.

The Basics
  • Customising Illustrator & using document information
  • Creating and using templates and Guides
  • Exporting and importing artwork
  • Saving for Microsoft Office
The Toolbox & Printing
  • Revision of the basic tools
  • The liquify tools & symbol tools
  • Creating simple charts & graphs
  • Setting graphic options
  • Printing gradients and gradient mesh objects
  • Splitting complex paths to avoid printing problems
  • Setting marks and bleeds
  • Creating colour separations
Colour & Graphics
  • Creating custom, spot, gradient, process and RGB colours
  • Creating gradients and applying with the Gradient tool
  • Creating patterns
  • Adding colours to and editing the swatches palette
  • Creating complex drawings
  • Pen tool techniques & point adjustment techniques
  • Understanding the Pathfinder
  • Creating clipping masks
  • Transparency basics/Tracing graphics
  • Using Adobe Photoshop filters
Typography & Layers
  • Point type, contained type, area type and type paths
  • Advanced character & paragraph formatting
  • Importing and exporting type
  • Inserting Glyphs & Rotating types
  • Wrapping text around shapes
  • Using the layers palette & sub layers

Graphic & Web, Adobe InDesign, Software