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Adobe Illustrator CourseAdobe Illustrator Introduction:

Illustrator is the market leading illustrations program, used to produce original artwork for print and the web. Excellent text control tools allows Illustrator to be used as a very feasible desktop publishing program.

Course Outline
Introduction to Illustrator 1 - 2 Days

Who is it for?

Anyone wishing to create original artwork for print and the web.


This courses is designed for people with little or no knowledge of Illustrator.

The Basics
  • Raster and Vector graphics
  • Opening existing documents & setting up new documents
  • Deciding on the colour mode & setting up the art board
  • Artwork and preview mode
  • Saving artwork & using the palettes
  • The status bar, toolbox, rulers, grids and guides
Creating Basic Shapes
  • The pen, line, pencil, brush, freehand and reshape tool
  • The paint, eyedropper, gradient mesh and grid tools
  • The smooth and eraser tools & the magic wand tool
  • Selecting objects & parts of objects
  • Modifying, cutting and closing paths
  • Resizing, rotating, hiding and deleting objects
  • Blending tools & transforming objects
Colour & Graphics
  • The swatches & colour palette
  • Creating gradients & the gradient palette
  • Filling and stroking shapes
  • Adding colours to the swatches palette
  • Placing images
  • Creating compound paths
  • Using the Pathfinder
  • Using the brushes and graphic styles palettes
  • Printing, general and setup options
  • Entering, editing & formatting text
  • Adding type to a path
  • Converting type to outlines
  • Wrapping text around shapes

Graphic & Web, Adobe InDesign, Software