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InDesign Icon CS6 Adobe InDesign Intermediate:

An easy to use design and layout program and a worthy challenger to Quark. During this course you will learn how to create documents of many types, from single page advertisements and flyers, to complex multi-page colour publications.

Course Outline
InDesign Intermediate 1 - 2 Days

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to exceed their current knowledge of InDesign using more advanced features.


This courses is designed for people who have the equivalent knowledge to our introduction course.

Master pages & Advanced Styles
  • Creating & applying master pages & using hierarchical master pages
  • Setting page numbering
  • Setting, editing and local overrides in styles
  • Basing one style on another, Importing and redefining styles
Typography & Text Flow
  • Typographic shortcuts, Inline graphics & special characters
  • Creating drop caps, Hyphenation and Justification
  • Tracking and scaling text, Using the Single Line & Paragraph Composer
  • Manual and optical kerning
Drawing & Special Effects
  • Using the drawing tools & creating freehand shapes
  • Creating bezier curves, manipulating shapes & aligning objects
  • Using the Transform palette & eye-dropper tool
  • Using clipping paths, creating and editing compound paths
  • Placing text on a path, Converting text to paths
  • Creating drop shadows
  • Working with transparency and exporting transparency
  • Blend modes, Feathering & creating multi-colour gradients
Page Elements, Graphics & Print Settings
  • Dragging items between documents
  • File formats, Libraries & Creating type outlines
  • Printer styles, colour separations print settings & print presets
Optional Modules
  • Creating a table of contents & index
  • Using the book palette, creating and printing a book list
  • Synchronising styles and colours
  • Exporting a book list as PDF
  • Page numbering across books
  • Using XML to build documents, creating documents from Imported XML

Graphic & Web, Adobe InDesign, Software