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InDesign Icon CS6Adobe InDesign Introduction:

An easy to use design and layout program and a worthy challenger to Quark. During this course you will learn how to create documents of many types, from single page advertisements and flyers, to complex multi-page colour publications.

Course Outline
Introduction to InDesign 1 - 2 Days

Who is it for?

Anyone that would like to create professional marketing materials such as posters, newsletters, newspapers, books and flyers.


This courses is designed for people with little or no knowledge of InDesign.

InDesign Basics
  • Navigator Palette & ToolBox
  • Converting Quark/PageMaker Docs & Importing from Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Using Text and Graphic Frames and Nesting Frames
  • Creating a Basic Page
Text Controls
  • Single-line and Paragraph Composers, Formatting Text & Hyphenation Rules
  • Paragraph Indents & Checking Spelling
  • Using Glyphs, Precision Kerning Controls
  • Using In-Line Graphics & Converting Text to Outlines
Styles, Masters & Bezier Path Tools
  • Creating Paragraph & Character Styles and Duplicating Styles
  • Creating, Editing & Converting pages to Master Pages
  • Headers, Footers & Automatic Page Numbering
  • Using the Pen Tool & Editing Illustrator Paths
  • Filling Paths with Images
Images, Shortcuts & Colour Management Issues
  • Types of Images & Image Control
  • Positioning in Publications, Cropping and Distorting Images
  • Keyboard Shortcut Editor
  • QuarkXpress Shortcuts
  • Using the Colour Palette & Keeping Colours Consistent
  • Understanding ICC Management
Working With Tables & Layers
  • Using the Table Building Tools
  • Specifying Row Height and Width
  • Converting Tab-Delimited Files
  • Importing Word and Excel Tables
  • Creating Document Wide Layers
  • Naming, Hiding, Displaying & Printing Visible layers
Printing & Exporting to PDF
  • Working With Print Preview Mode & Using Smart Font Mapping
  • Preparing files and converting to PDF

Graphic & Web, Adobe InDesign, Software